Criptic metaphor? I don't think so.

2010-08-04 19:54:17 by rakan610

Lately I've been thinking, why do I suck at animating? Well the answer is=lack of self confidence. ever since my internet was taken I've been practicing animation ever since, now I'm doing better, but I'll take it slow, I'll upload a video and see if you guys and gals like it, if so I'll make more, even if you don't I still will, and so no one can stop me!

Oh and justin beiber is the gayest fag I've ever since...G'night ;)

Criptic metaphor? I don't think so.


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2010-08-04 20:32:08

well for 1600 you could be any prestige you want, have all the titles and eblems every gun unlocked. all camos, and attatchments. every challenge. and for 4000 you can rent the lobby and make ur friends pay you 1600 ans four of them you will have a profit.


2010-08-13 08:22:40



2010-08-14 05:56:19

wazzzzzzy up bruv?


2010-08-21 12:41:02