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Rebuilding the army...

2010-03-14 14:48:56 by rakan610

I am going to work hard for newgrounds( ahh I bet "the spammer" is going to comment after this, anyways who ever wants to help me in my flash animations can tag along even if the person sucks( but must know how to use flash), what I'm trying to say is screw the old days, time for an intervention :D oh and "the spammer" don't write about the gay doctor thing you already wrote it on my other post so write a new one...about dolphins XD

PSN 8001050F?

2010-03-01 05:30:34 by rakan610

SONY's Successful playstation 3 network is shut down for maintenance, why?

It could be one of these:-

1-An error on the internal clock thinking it has leaped through a year, which sets back the date to the last day of 1999, and to some people the first day of 2000

2-A Canadian hacker messed with the update, why did I say Canadian? Because there was a hockey game between USA and Canada and I think Canada lost( My friend told me they won that's why I said I think)!
What could it lead to?

1- The loss of every data you have on your system!


3-Dynamic themes being corrupted!

Should we destroy the ps3? NO, this is just caused due to the ps3 being retarded on the 1st of march!

Sorry for that shitty post, you see after a while I decided to go back to newgrounds, so I made a group call RakanTV, anyways, so no hard feelings?

Annie are you okay, are you ok annie? anni- wait what your still here?

Meh, I could not leave this place

im through

2009-07-03 03:28:14 by rakan610

i am so outta here i dont want to stay in newgrounds, no matter how hard you try it gets blammed or fucked up by some twit, well thats why im leavin this piece of shit you call flash heaven, but although i am through with this garbage site im still gonna animate, i will animate for people who care not people who say: theres a simple un-noticeable mistake, i will vote 0, well ya i got news for you all this site sucks, later good bye
you may post your fucked up comments here though i wont respond to any of you fuckers AND IF I DID IT WOULDNT BE NICE(i have to reply in the same type people talk to me in this cruddy site)

if i show you my inbox you will see the crap people send me!


im through


2009-06-15 17:27:56 by rakan610

dont read this if your gonna be a douche!

i was gone to long cuz when i was improving my newgrounds account i left my youtube channel tear to pieces but now when i saved my yt channel i left this account teared up!

any ways the main point is: i need voice actors for my sprite animation pokemon rescue squad alpha


Kris-female V.A must be 13+ maybe taken

Gary-male V.A must sound gay

May-female V.A must be 13+maybe taken

Blaze-male V.A must be 14+(serious voice)

Draco-male V.A must be 14+(lazy voice)


Scythe XII-male V.A (serious voice-really sarcastic)

/* */


2009-05-12 13:50:09 by rakan610

plz join http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 59470

what gives?

2009-04-23 07:41:57 by rakan610

why, i have 3 submissions that have a score of: 3.83 , 3.81, and 3.50 where my b.a? i dont have one( N/A)


2009-04-04 04:38:16 by rakan610



2009-04-01 04:38:36 by rakan610

this skin scares me , where do i go??!?!?!

new new new

2009-03-18 14:21:31 by rakan610

new things in my page, plus test this