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ok seriously what the f

2008-12-07 07:26:14 by rakan610

man what am i gonnna dooo every time i enter newgrounds its the same submissions for like 2 weeks,see they say the cool and new and awarded ones the show in the homepage are twat light gears of awesome etc.... help me

need assistance

2008-12-05 00:58:53 by rakan610

ok can someone plz tell me if my vid is gone or not cuz it wont show me anything new on the portal so plz

south east north west?

2008-11-26 14:28:40 by rakan610

get a load of this guy

eternodisperare (3 days ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply lol omfg the graphicos..

wtf man its crash 3 ,surley a good game but graphics?

hmm bored

2008-11-22 10:49:11 by rakan610

bored outta mah head

nvm the flash shall continue

2008-11-20 11:38:33 by rakan610

wohoooo plz leave a comment

ive delayed this flash for a month now, cuz of flash, im sure there wasnt any person who was lookin forward to it so im happy lol

bored as hell

2008-11-19 13:30:25 by rakan610

eh bleh jeh feh


2008-11-03 08:25:54 by rakan610

I gots me a new banner!


i made a banner

2008-08-24 18:22:57 by rakan610

woohooooo took me 1 hour to adjust it

i made a banner