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I recently got Soul Calibur V, horrified with it's story mode and it's variation of Nightmare, most thing I liked was the character creation, far more improved than Soul Calibur IV, only thing I'm lacking is ideas for custom characters, so I need YOU to give me some ideas, I'll take screenshots of the character Ideas and post them here on NG.

Ugh, can't sleep and it's 5 AM.

2012-02-16 20:43:16 by rakan610

Dear Cunts and Cuntetts, sing me a lullaby.

Ugh, can't sleep and it's 5 AM.


2012-01-06 18:06:56 by rakan610

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*offline* last online 05:44PM EST

2011-12-12 10:56:58 by rakan610

Projects Being worked on:~

MW3-Helper(for IOS) - 20%

Good bye Bungie...- 3%

Art Submissions - 0%

Latest news: Halo Reach DLC does NOT work with Halo CEA Multiplayer >:(

*offline* last online 05:44PM EST

Meh, vere is mein chat >:(

2011-04-16 10:06:37 by rakan610

Where is the old chat, this is boring, newgrounds became old grounds, oh shit I'm trolling :o

anyways, more 8-bit music to come...

Uh where's the NG chat?!?!?

2011-01-28 18:17:05 by rakan610

Where is it, It's been 4 months since I've been on NG, what happened to the chat -_-

New art(finally)!

2010-08-23 02:46:25 by rakan610

Yup I finally submitted something in the art portal, check it out, omtish :3

Lately I've been thinking, why do I suck at animating? Well the answer is=lack of self confidence. ever since my internet was taken I've been practicing animation ever since, now I'm doing better, but I'll take it slow, I'll upload a video and see if you guys and gals like it, if so I'll make more, even if you don't I still will, and so no one can stop me!

Oh and justin beiber is the gayest fag I've ever since...G'night ;)

Criptic metaphor? I don't think so.

Dotted gif pics?

2010-03-18 19:09:34 by rakan610

Are you having the thing that happens to everyone when they save pictures as gifs? Not trying to advertise but there is a program called paint.net its an awesome program, to make your gifs, first make the icon you want in flash, then save it as png, then take it to paint.net and save it as gif and voila, done and done!

Extremely terrified....

2010-03-17 15:52:53 by rakan610

Ok, april is coming soon, which means april fools day is coming, last year was torture(chinese shit all over the place), so what now tom? show us your mighty fulpness :P