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yup my bday is tomorow

2009-03-08 10:40:33 by rakan610

guess whats gonna be my present.....NOTHING!
nvm they said ill get soemthin

pm me to know what the favour is and if u were under lv 10 i wont reply

happy new month

2009-03-01 08:48:59 by rakan610

hey id celebarated march with a new banner


2009-02-16 05:06:00 by rakan610

can u guys tell me what u think of this? BOOOOOM

plz check it out

drew this cuz i waz boredz

2009-01-20 14:17:51 by rakan610

something done in 30 minz enjoy~~~~~

drew this cuz i waz boredz

happy new year NG from spartans

2009-01-01 15:19:06 by rakan610


happy new year NG from spartans

ok i get it

2008-12-12 04:46:37 by rakan610

theres no luck for me here on ng every time i submit something it gets blamed i mean my account is close to termination, so plz i need advice plz dont suggest TUTs cuz they didnt help me,btw there are some people who suck at reviewing hey made my worst flash pass judgement and my best BLAMNATION, well?

ok i get it


2008-12-11 16:36:13 by rakan610

thank u guys for blammin the piece of crap i submitted earlier!

an awesome idea

2008-12-11 08:49:35 by rakan610

why dont u search for users names from ng on yt i tried that some worked like eddsworld,oneyng etc...

p.s: i bet u thought that this post had something to do with the awesome series right?